Friday, February 22, 2013

What's In Your Garage?

In the wake of Winter Storm Q, I gazed out the window to see numerous cars up and down our suburban street, all with several inches of ice and snow piled atop their windshields.

My neighbors all have a garage. Like mine, it will fit two, albeit small-to-medium-size, cars. Why then, are the streets littered with compact sedans covered with ice? In short, because these folks have elected to fill their garage space with something other than their car(s).

I counted 9 cars on the street. That's minus the trucks, which don't fit in our tiny garages.

What on earth are you storing in your garage that’s worth more to you than your car? Glad you asked. Here’s what my neighbors value more than their automobiles.

One family has elected to place a couch in their garage. I’m not sure if they’re using it as a bonus room. If so, it would be one cold/hot bonus room. If not, I’d value the couch at around $500. Much less than the late-model Camry that’s sitting under two inches of ice. Oh, they also have an amazing Air Jordan cardboard cutout from the 90s. I can understand why you’d want to protect that sort of memorabilia.

Our next-door neighbor keeps a large assortment of lawn equipment in his garage. It’s a bit ironic as he enjoys watching his grass top ankle-height in the summer before breaking it out. Since he’s not keeping an assortment of antique, restored lawn tractors, I’d value his collection at a maximum of $2,500. Again, much less than the Toyota and Volkswagen sitting in the driveway.

The folks across the street take the cake. They don’t like going outside to empty the trash. So, they store their trash can (alongside a massive supply of Coke) in the garage. Yes, they value their trash over their new Honda Accord. Serenity now!

Here's John's garage. Though he gets a pass because he just moved.
If you’re keeping your car on the street, take a moment and consider that decision. It’s out in the open to the sun, sleet and wind. Kids on bicycles (maybe even kids just off their training wheels) probably pass it daily in the summer. Do you shower it with grass clippings (and potential rocks)? Assuming you have a garage, what are you prioritizing over your car?

I cannot think of anything that, economically, should be stored over a car in a garage. Well, maybe a restored Space Invaders cabinet over a rusty old IROC-Z. And, if you’re hanging onto an old IROC, you don’t rock.

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