Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Edition

Well after last week's onslaught of posts we took some time off to reflect on 2011 and prepare for the year ahead (2012 if you were wondering). We came to the realization that all the good sites have already done their top 10's and it would dumb for us to do something like that. So as we close the door to 2011 we have some reflections on the year, but mostly want to look forward to 2012.

2011 in no particular order:

  • The State of Minnesota closed for awhile
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a kid with a maid and his marriage ended. Maria Shriver is still very thin.
  • The last Harry Potter was released in Theaters. I watched it in an actual movie theater with my wife. It was like a date. We had popcorn and diet soda.
  • US & Japan Womans World Cup Final was one of the most entertaining sporting events in the last decade. It was an incredible game even if the US lost. Hope Solo is still hot.

  • Steve Jobs - RIP
  • Gadhafi & Osama Bin Laden are killed after years and years of killing and pissing people off.
  • St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series. Game 6 of the series is deemed the best World Series game ever unless you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 
  • To keep with the topic of STL baseball, God talked Albert Pujols to signing a contract for $250 million dollars with the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim Baseball. Now every time Albert's heart beats for the next 10 years it will cost the Angels $8* (*Assuming an avg HR of 60)
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Ok I think that's it for 2011. There was some other stuff that happened but i think that's a good snap shot. Now some future aspirations for 2012 from the both of us:
  • We would like to monetize this damn blog. Someone please help us. We don't like our real jobs enough to want to do them forever.
  • Become more attractive
  • Lose a combined 50lbs. We are the sum of our parts or something like that.
  • Grill more pork
  • Wrestle a bear or get a Wii (either or, but not both)
  • Make more money. Like serious money. You know like Ballin'/Makin' it Rain Money. Or if we could just get a significant discount on Daycare that would be nice.
  • Review more Beer. We got away from that after Pumpkin Beer Season.
  • Question more Authority.
  • Teach our kids more about Star Wars and other life lessons

Thats it. We had a blast this year writing about stuff and are shocked we got over 10,000 views at our crap. Thank you all for reading, commenting, and spreading the SFA word. 

- John & Jamie

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