Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ok fine... We'll post about Valentine's Day

Ok today is Valentine's Day. So out of spite and out of cash I wasn't going to publish anything, but then I got to thinking.... (dream sequence).......

1) I haven't been blogging much lately so it will make me (& blogging partner) feel good. So happy Valentine's Day to my ego & Jamie.
2) It really isn't that bad if expectations are set properly.

What I have found is that most people out there are Male OR Female. Pretty observant, I know. but they fall into 2 categories:

1) I hate Valentine's Day (Probably 97% of Males and 15% of Women) and
2) I like Valentine's Day (Do the math).

I get that V-Day, while some may find it terrible, is much needed in a relationship where things are pretty new or you don't have kids and don't need a baby sitter on a Tuesday. But why can't couples just do random crap for each other on the 15th or any other day for that matter?

My wife and I really like each other. In fact you could say we love each other also. What's great about where we are in our relationship is that we know what the other one likes, dislikes, and how much money we have cumulatively. We also know that the 3 kids we have are more fun than a dinner at a restaurant that will be closed in 6 months. We are comfortable where we are with our family and in life in general. So with this level of comfort we've decided to do something cool for V-Day. Something... or Nothing. Doesn't matter. Its not earth shattering I know, but if one of us thinks about getting the other something and has time to get it, great. If not, no biggie.

What sucks for my wife is I don't think I fall into the 2 categories above due to the children in the mix and the fact that I don't give good gifts or plan surprises well. So instead of my wife hating me for it, she accepts it and we go about our merry way on Valentine's Day. Its great. Stress free and wonderful.

So I think I will go home tonight. My wife will go to a meeting after I get home and eventually we'll settle down and say Hi to each other. After all it is Valentine's Day.

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