Friday, April 19, 2013

Barney Is Crack

Anyone who has children knows about Barney addiction.

He actually carried his little chair to the middle of the living room so he could relax and watch Barney. Sure, he looks relaxed, RIGHT?!! BARNEY!!

There’s basically three stages.

  1. Pre-Barney: At this point they have no idea the television even exists.
  2. BARNEY!!!: It’s o.k. if Barney handles some babysitting. But, be warned, the songs will slowly drive you insane.
  3. Barney…meh: Barney becomes old news once a child can start to follow a basic plot. This means cartoons are now in the realm of possibility. No more purple dinosaur!
This week, we started crossing from stage one to two. Looking for a moment of peace, I (stupidly) checked the Roku for Barney episodes. Oh, look, there’s like a gazillion. Press play. To prove Barney is like crack for kids, I’ve included this video. Mind you, this was only the third time he’d heard the intro. The first two times, he spun around in circles during the entire thing.

Notice how destructive he gets near the end with the golf clubs? We may need to put him on a strict two episode limit. 

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