Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Epic Sh!t Wednesday

I won't lie, I have another blog. I run a small business on the side selling running shoes and apparel. I typically write product reviews or talk about how my leg hurt during such & such race. But Its been awhile since I've written something that wasn't about that and I think it has some staying power on this blog also.

Wednesdays are days that are kind of different in the AM due to my wife not working on this particular day of the week and 2 of my kids don't go to their respective daycare providers. Its a bit less crazy and there isn't as much of a sense of rush around the morning. So, recently I have been getting up early (5am) and heading to the gym to get a swim in and whatever else I think I need to work on... mainly my mid-section. I get a great burn at the pool and the workout following is good, but I feel like I could do something more remarkable than just swim and do sit ups.

Enter my brain and the want to start something epic for Wednesdays... So this morning I crafted up what I have dubbed Epic Sh!t Wednesday (#epicshitwednesday) and I'd like you to join me. What I see as the impetus around this hump day event is to do something extra than your normal routine. So today instead of driving to the gym and swimming. I ran the 2.5 miles there, swam, and ran the 2.5 miles back. Its not climbing-Mount-Everest or running-100-miles epic but its a little break from the mundane weekly grind.

You get the idea...

So, I'd like you to think about this when you go to do your Wednesday activities. Have 4 miles on the schedule? Stretch it out to 5 miles or do 25 pushups after ever mile. Just challenge yourself to do a little more or be a little better than your planned exertion threshold.
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Now, here's the SFA twist to it... Why don't you try to incorporate you family into some Epic Sh!t also. Put the cell phone down, get on the floor and play with your kids. Take the kids for a walk and give your wife some downtime. Teach them a life skill like fire making or carpentry. Just think about your mundane schedule when you get home from work and crank it up a notch. When you are done, tell us about or even better tell the world about it. - #epicshitwednesday


  1. I pushed myself to run up a massive hill after my typical 5K today. Oddly enough, I did it prior to reading your blog. Epic minds think alike?

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  3. Yesterday I ate both pop tarts instead of just the one. Ba-bam.