Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blades of Glory

If there is one thing I wish I would have invested in 20 years ago (when I had no money to invest and lived with my parents) it would have been gold, Google or Apple. Because if I had, I would have so much money I would be able to buy disposable razor blades at will and use them carelessly.

All I want is an affordable close shave
But alas, I am poor and unfortunately I look better with a shorn face (unlike some of us). So, for the last 20 years or so I've been using your typical Gillette Mach Whatever system is out there. I've been buying my razors in Bulk at Sams or Costco. Yes I don't have to buy razors for a year or two but the cost is still pretty obnoxious. It seems that pricing on these blades (that are used 4-8 times) is around $4-5 per replacement. I love my face and all, but that's too expensive.

But who can blame Gillette. There's not much competition other than Schick. But Schick didn't send me a Mach 9 on my birthday so I have no loyalty.

This was all true until about 8 weeks ago. I saw a tweet somewhere offering a free razor to the first 450 people who signed up at some company called Dorco USA. Since I love free stuff (and since no one sponsors this website) I jumped on the opportunity. About 2 weeks later I had totally forgot about signing up, I got my very own Dorco Pace 6 in the mail. It had 6 Blades. S I X. I immediately thought someone had made a mistake:

1) I thought 5 was like the unwritten razor code for limit of blades on a razor head.
2) I was getting about $15 worth of shaving equipment (Handle plus 2 heads).

Well I looked online at this new Dorco company's razors and to my shock and utter disbelief, their razors, even the ones with 6 blades, were significantly cheaper than those of the big names. I wasn't screwing over anyone at those prices. Maybe I'm the one who was getting screwed the last 20 years... In fact, at the time of this post, you can get 24 blades for $30. That's some good 'ol cheap shavin' right there.

So how's the shave? As good as if not better than any other shave. The blades and heads last as long as other brands and I still nick my Adam's Apple weekly. However, I am bleeding happy blood knowing that my skin was cut by a company who doesn't gouge its customers. That last sentence was the best Pun I've ever written.

Ok, so just some house keeping on this article... The only thing I've received from Dorco was a free razor after I signed up online. There was no intent on writing a blog post. Also, I'm not being rewarded in any way for writing this. That's how we operate here at the SFA, for free.

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