Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas is Killing My Turkey

This year more than any other in the past I’ve been kicked in the nuts with more Christmas than I can handle. As I write this I should be excited for one of my favorite holidays, but I feel like it’s already an afterthought and this infuriates me off.

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of the year (better than Christmas but not as great as St. Patty’s Day). It is all about Family, Friends, Food, & Football. I can remember as a kid playing football with my family at my Grandparent's or eating obscene amounts of food at my Aunt's. I always looked forward to Thanksgiving because it meant that I didn't have to do jack until the following Monday. This year that awesome feeling of anticipation has changed a lot. I am being bombarded with what seems like death threats to get out and shop on Black Friday. Not by my wife either, its the global retail courtesans that are destroying the thrill for me.

As you will get to know me on this site I’m not against retail shopping in the least. In fact I probably enjoy it more than the normal guy, but the way the retail outlets are spewing it on me around every corner is making me reconsider my affection towards it. I get the fact that the economy needs stimulating, but there’s got to be a better way than the harlotry that is taking place on my television and radio. Oh yeah, the radio. One local radio station started getting into the act 2 weeks ago by playing 24x7 Christmas music. Already? I just don’t get it. I don't get why "they" believe that creating the season earlier is going to work for them, and I don't get why I am all up in arms about it this year either.

However, I am going to fight it . I am making it a point to procrastinate as much as possible when it comes to holiday shopping. This isn't a stretch for me anyway but at least I have solid reasoning behind it. I encourage you to put this off as long as you can without having to sleep on the couch. So, in the last remaining days before Thanksgiving, and hell maybe even a day or two after, can we all forget about getting some awesome deal on a toaster or the most technologically advanced TV? Just enjoy the people you are around on a holiday that doesn't care about presents, and eat like its your last meal.

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