Friday, March 4, 2011

Hmm, Delicious Customer Service

That's right, just one day after telling you how much I love O'Fallon Brewery (and I do) I need to revisit something near and dear to my heart -- customer service -- with a different brewery.

A few weeks back I emailed Harpoon Brewery to tell them that I just bought a six-pack of their IPA that had been out-of-date for 2 months. I actually send notes like this to brewer's all the time, as I know if you are milking people $8 for 6 beers you want to make sure it actually tastes good, plus I like the idea of some smelly brew-master hopping on a red-eye flight to dress down some distributor for mistreating his product. Of the 10 or so emails like this I've ever sent, I've been responded to exactly three times (once by O'Fallon, once on Bud Select -- it was my wife's -- and finally by Harpoon).

I do actually only send these notes in for the love of the game as it were, but I do appreciate when they decide to share a little something back. Harpoon hooked me up with a t-shirt, sticker, bottle koozie and a wall-mounting bottle opener (which I've actually been in the market for as I'm planning on putting in a bar -- sometime).

So, hats off to Harpoon for restoring my faith in capitalism. Their beer gets an incomplete (it was TOTALLY out-of-date) but their customer service gets a big thumbs up. Now I've just got to track down another one of their beers.

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