Monday, March 14, 2011

Not everything with Boston is bad

So I felt the need to post the letter below that I just sent to Bostonian Shoe Company. I will follow up here if/when they reply to my email.

I'm not sure where to start on this, or what category to even place this under, but here goes. THANK YOU! I have had a pair of Brown Bostonian Strata shoes for the last 10 years. Today, they may have met their demise. as the rubber sole has finally worn all the way through and they are now taking in water on the forefoot.

I remember purchasing them at Macy's. I was just out of college & working for Enterprise Rent-a-car (don't judge me) where the normal pair of dress shoes lasts only about 6 months due to the water and soap from washing cars. But not these shoes. They withstood hundreds of car washes. In fact 3 months after I bought the brown pair, I bought them in Black (which I still have/wear).

After my glorious career at ERAC they served as my primary dress shoe for the last 8 years. Interviews, Weddings, going to bars, work, nothing was too big or too small for these shoes. They were wonderful. And the one that doesn't leak is still wonderful.

So, I wasn't really sure how to deal with this today. Should I be mad that my foot is wet? or should I celebrate these shoes and the journey they have helped me on? I think I will choose the later. 1 day of a wet sock can't replace 10 years of everlasting style and performance. Thank you Bostonian for making such a wonderful shoe.

[caption id="attachment_351" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="This is what quality looks like"][/caption]

I am giving the Bostonian Strata the highest award possible on our Sandwich Scale. The Amighetti's Little Bit of Italy.

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