Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm sitting here preparing myself to watch the final game of the college basketball season between Butler and UConn. I'm pretty confident Butler will win (which means you should bet on the Huskies) and I'm a little pissy about the whole thing.   People are all excited this year because a bunch of teams with no business making the Final Four made the Final Four. People eat this crap up. I don't.

To be frank, I'm an Ohio State fan. I didn't go there, so I'm not a tattoo-sporting, Dead Schembechlers-listening-to type fan, but they have been my college sports rooting interest for as long as I can remember (calm down: I grew up in Ohio, I'm not one of those guys who like UNC and Duke even though they've never set foot in a state that ends in Carolina). I grew up hating Michigan, and I always will, unless of course -- God forbid -- one of my kids gets a scholarship there. Even talked the Missus into a Buckeyes-themed Christmas card.

[caption id="attachment_398" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Go Bucks, Michigan Sucks."]The 2009 Family Christmas Card[/caption]

This means that, at least in the intercollegiate context, I don't much care for underdogs. I like big, sports-factory schools to kick the crap out of little schools all season long, and I like for those little schools to make a nice little paycheck and be happy to tell their alumni they're gonna be on TV. However, the last couple of years -- largely due to the NBA's age limit (players must be out of high school for at least one full year before they can enter the draft) -- the smaller schools have been doing really well in the tournament. And that kind of bites, especially for the schools that have been overpaying their players these last few years with nothing to show for it.

Hopefully with the NBA's labor lockout looming we'll get to see some top talent stay in school next year so everyone's bracket will make it through the first round without getting broken in half. Until I can say go Buckeyes again (which is hopefully only 5 games into football season), go Bulldogs.

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