Friday, April 1, 2011

Bun Covered Controversy

First off I am glad to report I spelled "controversy" correctly on the first try. No spell check needed.

As our loyal fan base is aware, we like to rate products on this blog. However, our rating scale is based on the deliciousness of sandwiches instead of a Thumb or Star. We simply call this The Sandwich Scale. We agreed upon this scale as a novel way to rate products and make our reading public hungry (or not). As it stands now, in its original version, we have been informed by some of you that we are overlooking some serious bread-wrapped magic.

So, a few days ago at our Share Holders Meeting (which consisted of me calling Jamie on his drive home from work and him actually picking up), we started discussing whether he was dead or just busy with work. Turns out he was just busy with work and I am still only 50% owner. I'll have my day! We began talking sandwiches and possibly trying out new sandwiches to put in the Sandwich Scale. It turns out that we have a very different sandwich experience and that there are some sandwiches that could be considered classics he or I had not had before. So, we decided that it would be a great excuse for us to start trying out these local delights and possibly revamp the scale.

Now just a few points on the sandwiches that we are going to consider for this new scale.

  1. While our audience spans the globe with literally 1 whole reader in Australia, we are limited to rating  sandwiches that are indigenous (also spelled correctly first time) to the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We are fully aware of the girth of Sandwichland in the United States, but we have to keep it local.

  2. We aren't interested in some boutique sandwich store or restaurant that has been around for 6 months and makes a killer "slider". We are looking for established eateries that have been part of the St. Louis landscape for years. To further expand this point, no chain restaurants.

  3. We are not limiting ourselves to just the city proper and are willing to venture into the county to look for candidates. However, I will draw the line at St. Louis County only because the St. Charles Applebee's is not "established" in my book. Nor will I venture over to Illinois. Jamie may have some issues on this one.

  4. I do think we need to limit it to Sandwiches only. A burger is in its own category because there can be so many different toppings, types, etc. So leave burgers out of it. Also there needs to be some sort of bun involved. A wrap is not a sandwich.

  5. Hold the _____ Please. There are a few items/condiments that are going to be left off these sandwiches. Jamie has stated that he feels funny around mayo & some cheeses. Also, I am deathly afraid of eggs and can't stand tomato slices. So, these criteria will also weigh heavily on where we go to test the waters.

  6. Finally, we are also up for taking suggestions from you our readers. While you may not live in St. Louis and we are kind of limiting our audience on this, consider this post and its replies (please post comments folks and don't make me look like a boner) your sandwich guide to the Gateway City.

So right now on our radar we have the following:

  • Gioia's Deli - Hot Salami. Admittedly I forgot about this sandwich when doing the original scale. Probably because I was hung over when I would eat it, but it is a monster from the Hill area of St. Louis.

  • Seamus McDaniel's - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Terrible website. Great food. I will insist that we eat at the one in Dogtown.

  • Jackson's - Steak Sandwich. Two words: Meat Medallions.

  • Callier's Deli - Something. They have about 50 different Sandwiches at this place. So we'll tackle whatever they tell us is their signature.


  1. Guess we need to schedule another executive retreat. Preferably not on a Friday during Lent, lest the non-fish based sandwiches listed above steal your Papist soul.

  2. Sauce Magazine was kind enough to pass along 10 of their favorites to us. You can find them here:

    Big thanks to Sauce Magazine.

  3. Hurry over to Adrianna's. Poste haste. You will encounter very tasty sandwiches that belong on your scale.

  4. You're right we need to hit that one too.