Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalypse Averted. Probably.

As you may have heard, the world was meant to end today.

Or sometime back in June. Or possibly next week. At this point it's all a little fuzzy.

As I'm sure you've all heard, the Mayan calendar ran out of gas today. Most have dismissed these claims. None of those people, however, saw the destruction rained down on my property last night.
Damage montage.
For those of you counting at home, I lost some siding (or fascia, or soffit, or whatever - I'm not a doctor), some Christmas lights, and the table on my deck absolutely exploded (an hour of Shop-Vacing barely made a dent in the mess).

In memory of my losses, and as a means to put off cleaning them up until after the world was safe, the family and I decided to hold a Mayan Apocalypse party. We ate Doritos  made tacos, invented the first ever Kiddie-Mayan-Rita and had hot cocoa for desert. It was practically pre-colonial Mexico at my house.

Or at least it seemed like it after the missus and I had a few Corona Lights.
Not pictured: Authentic Mayan Doritos (tm).
See you all tomorrow. Hopefully.

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