Thursday, January 10, 2013

Double Double

My wife went out of town again this week. I'm actually really good at keeping my children alive in these situations. Keeping them presentable can be a whole different thing.

This time at least we had a theme. Double up on everything.

First step? Double hair things.
But what does it mean?
Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any doublier, double chocolate milk mustaches and double chocolate milk crotches.
Don't look too close, just trust me. Perv.
Yes, that was on the way to school. In fairness to me, it was actually Carnation Breakfast Essentials and not just straight chocolate milk, so at least they were healthy in their filth.


  1. Got a chuckle out of "keep the kids alive" as I wont lie when my wife leaves me alone with the kids for a weekend I think her expectations are not much higher than that :-)

    I still remember last year when I came to realization I had no idea how to fix my 5 year old girls hair when the team soccer picture happened to be a weekend my wife left me "home alone". The good news was another soccer mom stepped in and a potential "incident" was avoided.

    The bottom line is I dont know how single parents manage as although we only have two (5 and 6) it definitely takes both of us to make things run smooth and even then they arent always as smooth as we would like :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jarret.

    Single parents definitely have a tough hustle. I always tell my wife she needs to take care of herself because if anything ever happens to her I'll be remarried within a week, and whatever I can scrounge up in that time won't be very good for the kids. :)