Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Milagro Summit

Putting together an online presence ain't easy. You've got content to plan, new guys to welcome, and technology to discuss. As such, we decided to hold another SFA Summit to plan the new year. We chose to go to Milagro Modern Mexican in Webster because John had a suspect New Years Eve there, but a prompt and heartfelt response made them worth of another try. Let's go through the food.

Tuna Ceviche

This is hands down the best ceviche we've ever had. The Ahi Tuna and Avocado were perfect together, and the jicama gave it just enough texture. If you go and don't try this, you owe yourself a slap in the face. Could definitely stand alone as an entree so long as you abuse the complimentary chips and salsa.
SFA-3, Ceviche - 0.

Barbacoa Beef Burrito

Josh may be a sandwich snob, but he tore through this burrito. All the classic elements of a Qdoba burrito, but worth the extra couple of bucks for higher end ingredients.

Chori Huevo Torta

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more chorizo. The chorizo sausage on this is made in-house and is so good I wouldn't have minded a little more. The eggs were done perfectly, and I'd love to grab a sandwich like this for breakfast on the way into the office. Served next to some just-spicy-enough sweet potato fries and some crisp slaw and this was a complete meal and then some.

Baja Fish Tacos

The fish tacos were the thing we were least excited about, but we don't really have any issue with them, they just weren't "you can feel the wind in your face and the sand in your wetsuit" amazing.

The Beer

This was a workday lunch summit so we didn't partake, but the selection looked largely local and well thought-out. Will definitely need to check in on the dinner menu and imbibe sometime.
Tequila? It's like beer.

The Verdict

Nestled adorably into downtown Webster (watch the one-way streets leaving), Milagro does a good job combining classic Mexican techniques with new ingredients and vice versa. Certainly not overpriced on this visit (and from the look of the menu, not generally), this is a great place to step beyond the El Maguey's of St. Louis. If we had to ding it for anything, it'd be that out booth was pushed to its limit with our ample bottoms, which makes the "not undersized but certainly not oversized" portions a good fit for the place.

The level of service brought this place over the top, and we'd happily recommend stopping in for lunch or a tequila-fueled dinner date. You may even want to sign up for their 5k.

Hopefully a thumbs up isn't culturally insensitive in Mexico.

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