Monday, March 18, 2013

Braggin Rights

It’s March. The weather is crazy. You are probably tired of your kids being on Spring Break and want them to get a job and move out of the house already. You and your wife are probably stressed with Easter (should you celebrate), possibly selling/buying a house, or just other busy stuff that the spring holds for us.

Well as a fun way to promote FRIENDLY competition in your house. We give you the Suburban Father Alliance Bracket Challenge. Its easy. Sign up, make your picks, and beat your spouse.

The scoring is easy.  The more you get right & the higher the round, the better you do.

To sign up simply go to and enter the password: poopydiaper.

We’d love to offer some sort of prize to the winner, but seeing as how we don’t have sponsors or petty cash, we’ll have to keep it to braggin rights among all suburban fathers (or mothers). As for the braggin rights in your house, we’ll leave it up to you, but if your wife wins, make her dinner for 3 days. Not the frozen pizza variety either, a real meal of food. 

Good luck and happy bracketing.

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