Monday, March 4, 2013

Going out is getting old

Becca and I went out with some friends the other night (the fabulous Dave and Tracy). It was really nice. We split a babysitter and went up to the 28/65 Brewhouse, a newish place in St. Charles that has a LOT of different draft beers.

We had some dinner (my burger was "good") and some beers (my find was the new O'Fallon Rager Red) and then went back to the game room. We played some darts, and some shuffle board (I somehow managed to lose every game I participated in).

Somewhere in the middle of all that we discovered that the video jukebox was also a photo booth. For somewhere between a quarter and a dollar, we were able to take a picture of ourselves and even filter it and add some kittens before posting it directly to Facebook. The photo bombing was free.

Turns out this is 40.

There are a couple of points in your life when you realize you're getting older. Wearing dark socks and sandals to the grocery store is one of them. Having your own "get off of my lawn" moment is one of them. And having a kitten-framed picture on Facebook make your Saturday night is definitely one of them.

And yes, we have already made plans for our next visit.


  1. You all do look a bit wasted...was there a DD?
    from the Mom