Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movin' On Up

While we haven't really posted much here lately, and we are eternally sorry for that, things have been a little busy in the last 3 weeks or so. More on that in a bit.

So first and foremost, why haven't we posted much lately? That's the question I've been asking myself. We've been in existence for over 3.5 years and have somewhere around 200 posts. We've covered lots of hard hitting topics from my prostate to a heated beef jerky and bacon battle royal. We've laughed, we've never cried ever, and we've downed some really good beer. We've covered a lot, but mostly its been about our families, the stuff they do, and how we've handled them. Hopefully you've had some good laughs and, dare I say, learned a lesson or two in the process. So, why haven't we posted? While I won't speak for the others, I'll just say that this was once a huge priority in my life. Over time it has slowly been buried under 4 children worth of diapers and softball games. I got busy... and not in the good way, you know... like getin' bizzzaaay.

But the last 3 weeks have been busy in a good way for the blog and have kind of re-kindled a fire in my gut for this blog. Recently I met with InsideSTL.com & CBS Sports Radio 920 here in St. Louis for some advertising help with a side business I own. Great people and there was some great conversation (you should advertise with them). Somewhat in joking I mentioned that their site was missing a huge demographic, Dads, and that they should just pick up the Suburban Father Alliance to fill that void. Oddly enough, they agreed... So, going forward, we will be expanding our reading audience to a lot more people. With the amount of traffic on their site we've got the chance to hit as many readers in a month that we would get here in a year. I'm pumped to see how it goes.

So, loyal readers of this blog, we encourage you to check out InsideSTL.com and look for us (still working on the official name) in the Community section on the site. Visit early and visit often. We will have some new stuff on the way this Friday on InsideSTL just in time for Father's Day.

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