Monday, December 13, 2010

Identity Crisis

Well the SFA has been official for a little over 3 weeks now. I think we've explained who we are and what we want to accomplish, but we think it would be a jerk move not to tell you what's up behind the scenes, and get some feedback about what you want to read about. We've had a series of articles about times and trials of a Vasectomy and there are some other man-health related items that will be coming out soon (think Prostate). We've also reviewed a couple products/services for our Padre Knows Best section.

Now call us lazy, but what we have decided to do (for now) is to add our "Padre Knows Best" content to the SFA blog. If you recall, PKB is the first and only limb of the SFA focusing on various product reviews so we can get free stuff. What this will do is provide a single feed for our wonderful followers (until you get annoyed with the hodge-podge format and tell us to separate it out).

So I bet you still have a lot of questions or at least I have had some inner dialog with myself:

Q. Hey man, what do you talk about your junk so much?

A. 2 reasons: 1) The movie Braveheart lied to us when Mel Gibson's uncle said "It is our Wit that makes us Men." Wrong. It is our wang. With out this we wouldn't be called fathers or dudes. 2) We feel that the best way to build Street Cred is to present lots of Scrotally-Based articles out of the gate. If a guy can talk about his junk openly, he's got nothing to hide.

Q. Do you accept donations or do public speaking?

A. No donation is too large, but an audience might be a bit too much for now unless there is a large donation.

Q. What makes you guys experts on these subjects?

A. We do not claim to be experts on anything, just 2 guys that want to help an under-served group of people on the internet.

Q What can I do to help other than give you all my money?

A. We want feedback on how we're doing and what you want. We'll take any constructive criticism you can throw at us, kindly tell you where to stick it, and make adjustments accordingly. Oh and one more thing, SPREAD THE WORD. Right now we are sitting at a whopping 8 followers on Facebook. We need followers to get this train moving. Thanks in advance for all your help.

That's it. Now give us money or feedback or both.

- O & S

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