Monday, December 6, 2010

iPadre Knows Best?

I'm writing this blog from an iPad. Not my iPad mind you,but an iPad.
I've really wanted one for a while now, so I borrowed one for a few weeks to decide whether or not it's worth 6 months of allowance (yes, I'm on an allowance, and yes, that is a very good thing). So I've got one on loan for a couple weeks for work, and I'm trying it out. The simple run-down follows.


- Fantastic as an e-reader, although I was pretty limited by not being able to sync it from my iTunes.
- Surfing the web is pretty good, but it depends on how interactive you want to get. The way web-based gmail looks on the iPad will make you want to browse the mobile site from your computer. Seriously.
- Angry Birds. It doesn't look or play any better on the iPad than on other devices, but if buying an iPad is the only access you would have to that game, its worth the price of admission.
- The official Twitter app is awesome. Again, it makes you wonder why you cant use it on your pc.


- This freaking thing is slippery. The one I borrowed didn't have a case, and I've spent the last several days petrified I'm going to drop it.
- It is much easier to type on than the iPhone, but it is really limiting to lose half of your screen to a keyboard when you want to type, anything.
- Not all iphone apps work on the ipad and vice versa, so you may end up repaying for some stuff. Also, because Steve Jobs is a control freak without any real need to adjust to peoples needs, there's the whole iTunes, syncing, accounts cluster going on.
- I borrowed this one from work, so I can't, you know, use it for what the internet is best for.


I can see where the iPad and other tablet devices could be really useful, but it really depends on what sort of tasks you use (or would
use) your computer for. As long as you you don't expect it to replace your laptop, and you spend a lot of time using not-terribly-hardcore software, the iPad could be a way to get to what you need quickly and easily without lugging around a laptop.

[Note: I used the Wordpress official app to write this, but it wouldn't let me publish it, so I had to email it to myself and go from there. Which was a real pain, as was trying to format it.]

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