Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reviewing Moosehead. Yes, the beer.

First off, since this is my first beer review, I need to share a little secret with you. I'm sort of in a bad spot with beer. I used to drink all light beers (except Bud Light, which gives me a headache as I'm drinking it). Then, I decided I should probably cut back in an effort to lose weight and improve my overall health, but I still loved beer, so I switched to good beer, thinking that I would obviously drink less. It hasn't really worked out that way, but at least now I buy more expensive beer than I used to, which is nice.

Anywho, one night last week I found myself at a local grocery story in dire need of refreshment. I found myself walking the cooler aisle, as I often do, looking for some sort of beer that "looks" good (which, admittedly, is stupid) and that is on sale. I finally settled on Moosehead, as I didn't remember ever having tried it, it was on sale, and it was Canadian, which is supposed to mean something in terms of beer production.

I brought it home, poured a bottle into a glass (yes, I am that particular variety of d-bag) and was immediately greeted with skunky beer. And not "I've been sitting around too long and got skunky" skunky, which is unfortunate and a sin but very seldom the actual brewer's fault. No, this was the much more insidious "some a-hole thinks Heineken tastes good, so we are going to emulate their intentional skunkiness" type of skunky, which is still a sin, still unfortunate, but entirely the brewer's fault. I'm not a fan of that type of skunk. Or any skunk, really. If you like skunky beer, Moosehead does seem to be OK  and in fact better than Heineken, but that's kind of like saying I prefer Moulin Rouge to Mamma Mia.

The SFA Snap Judgment: Don't believe the hype when it comes to Canadian beer just because its Canadian. And don't drink Moosehead. Because it kind of sucks.


  1. BTW, when it comes to Australian beer, please ignore Fosters (its made for foreigners who don't like beer).

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