Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Charity Episode

So I mentioned to my mom that I had a few blogs the other day (oh, you didn't know? I also blog internally at work, on the SAP Community Network, and for the Americas SAP User Group - membership required - and yes, I'm hilarious and good looking on all of them) and she asked me to share some easy charity links with all of you. So, as a Christmas gift to my mom, I strongly encourage you to go answer trivia questions (which is awesome anyway) and help raise food for people, dogscats, and little people. I don't even like cats. Merry Christmas, Mom. My other gift to her? Never giving her the link to this site.

As part of the thoroughly-exhaustive (and redundantly-restated) fact-checking that each of our posts goes through, I'll have you know that I snoped at least one of those links, and it was indeed legit. So clicking through any or all of those sites on a daily basis could, with no cost to you, help feed things. And things are hungry this time of year.

There are also lots of charities that are happy to take your money and not just your sweet trivia knowledge. The Missouri Attorney General has been kind enough to put together a list of those that are least likely to use your money for things you'd expect them to. If you are going to consider donating to those charities, might I recommend instead making my Christmas a little brighter? I promise that 100% of any donations given to us will be spent on us. Other good ways to waste your money? Burn it, flush it, or buy a Randy Moss jersey. From pretty much any team he goes to for a 3 or 4 month stint.

Really, though, most charities are upstanding corporate citizens who like to help people (or dogs or stupid cats). Like this one I built a dashboard for, the United Way which helps route money to reputable charities (but which has never once asked me to build them anything sweet), or Mid-America Transplant Services which helps people with organ donations. Do you have a favorite charity? Feel free to post it in the comments below.

Happy Holidays. Now go spread a little cheer, would ya?

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