Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caveat Bloggers: The Wordpress iPhone App Sucks

Yesterday I wrote a blog about some pants I got for Christmas (which are awesome). I reread it last night on my couch, caught some typos, and decided to test out the Wordpress App I downloaded (for free) to my iPhone. I changed the spelling on 3 words, everything looked great, and I saved it. No problem.

When I looked at the blog again this morning, it had done that awful thing where it inserted a bunch of line breaks where they don't normally go, and then it CHANGED THE FREAKING TITLE OF THE BLOG TO AN OLDER BLOG TITLE FOR NO REASON.

Suffice it to say, I've deleted the app and I won't be using it again anytime soon. Beware bloggers -- sometimes the internet really is out to get you.


  1. Works on my machine. And so does the alarm.

  2. So when you update an existing blog post from the Wordpress app on your iPhone, it doesn't screw anything up? Bizarre.

  3. HEH !! The reason it works (and the alarm works as well) is that I'm using a Samsung Galaxy :)