Friday, January 14, 2011

SFA Summit - A Location Review for Thai Nivas

This week, John and I held our first official SFA Summit at a location called Thai Nivas here in St. Louis (on Olive in Creve Coeur). We didn't actually discuss anything important, but we did have a little bit of an email exchange afterwards regarding the restaurant.

Me: Good lunch at Thai Nivas (and sushi!), no? My favorite part was going to the website beforehand to see where it was and whether I wanted to go there. . Reminded me why the Tumblr blog "Never Said About Restaurant Websites" has to exist. I would assume that the "Launch Special" is actually the "Lunch Special", but I don't have enough context to know for sure.

John: It’s a good thing their Pad Thai has lots of flavor because I am really unsure if I took a bite out of Tofu or Egg. Whatever it was, the intense flavor covered up the indiscernible food. I am still telling myself Tofu so I don’t decide to vomit due to my undiagnosed clinical aversion of Eggs. Perhaps the team “Launch” was used to describe what would happen to the food I had eaten was actually egg. I also liked that the Sushi chef said hello to me like I always go there. Very inviting.

Me: Mine actually tasted really good (I got the Spicy Stir Fry -- Pad Nam Prig Paow -- with shrimp), but I was underwhelmed with the portions. Normally here in America we like our food (even our ethnic food) BIG. I've been on a diet for over a week, so my stomach capacity is diminished, and I still ran out of food before I even realized what was going on. Good thing the service was suspect.

John: As for the SFA Winter Summit I felt the location was perfect from our respective businesses. It was quiet in there too which made the 5-10 minutes we talked about our yearly goals and aspirations fly by with no interruptions. I will go back again and perhaps tackle some curry or other dish that doesn’t have egg or tofu in the ingredients.

Me: I'll admit, I did feel aspired upon leaving, partially due to the cold. Overall, on the sandwich scale, I'd probably give it a Reuben. Not as good as other Thai places in the vicinity, and a little on the pricey side (although that may be partially due to my buying your lunch).

John: Next stop... Land of Smiles.

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