Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother got some respect...

At some point after my initial post this morning, the very well-meaning people at Pi got back to me today and have graciously offered to send me a gift card to actually come and try their food (which I will definitely be blogging about).

Based on the tone and thoroughness of their response, I'm assuming this is how they'd treat anyone that they forgot to contact back (their explanation for it slipping through the cracks was very reasonable) and not based on the sway I hold over both of my adoring blog fans.

In any event, I hope to be able to report back soon on their in-restaurant service and food (and hopefully I'll get another crack at that truck - ummm, rolling pizza). Ideally, this will turn into one of those situations where perfect service would have been overlooked but because of some imperfection and the resulting outstanding response I'll end up happier than if everything had just been fine the first time.

Labcorp, despite your eventually (and through an intermediary) giving me the answer I wanted on the test, your poor service leaves you at the top (or bottom, depending on perspective) of my list.

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