Monday, October 10, 2011

The Ollie Blog

You may have noticed recently a lot of new posts my wittier, more literary sound partner on this blog.* Well after 11 days of more or less sleepless nights and days filled of questioning my sanity, I think it is time to officially blog about my new kid.

Amazing that 9lbs of little dude can knock out a 200lb guy
We had John Oliver (Ollie) back on 9/29 as planned. It was a hideously gory delivery (as most are) with very minor complications. My wife and I didn't find out what we were having with any of our kids and the same was true here. So we were pretty content knowing we would be surprised with our 3rd girl. As the delivery was occurring things started moving pretty quickly. So, I didn't notice anything but a crying blob that had just been delivered. Then all of a sudden my wife says something I will never forget "Ooooh It's a Boy!" My head immediately popped up and went in for a closer look. Sure enough my kid had an extra leg. My jaw hit the floor and I haven't stopped smiling. I still don't know if it has hit home yet that we have someone else in the house the can (will be able to) pee standing up, but I am .

As you can recall from most of my blogs about my kids, I had been blessed with 2 lovely, mildly emotionally unstable girls. Up until now girls have been relatively harmless. Not very physical (although my second is getting there), a few breakdowns a week, and not too terribly pouty. The majority of the fights and crying spells they get into revolve around fashion decisions they are faced with during the day. Girls while not necessarily easy are at least predictable.

Now we have Mr. Dude and I am stumped. I am fired up to have someone to play catch with in 6 or 7 years, but until then, I have no idea what to expect other than balls, dirt, and cars. So, expect some posts in the near future or some dialogue between my blog partner and I on what I am supposed to do with he breaks his arm jumping off of the couch.

*Oh and I apologize in advance of you ridiculing this post and its lack of hilarity and tact. I am severely sleep deprived and it is only by luck and the desire of you to click on the google ads that are keeping me awake through posting this.

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