Monday, March 12, 2012

Amighetti's Winghaven Review

I finally lured my wife out to lunch at Amighetti's (the Winghaven location). It's actually really close to her work but isn't really her sort of place. I maintained, however, that it had been life-changing for me when I first moved to St. Louis (it occupies the top two spots on our largely unused Sandwich Scale), and that I hadn't really had an opportunity to eat there in years.

I'm not going to get to pick a lunch spot again anytime soon.

I ordered a small Italian Classic Salad and a half of a Little Bit of Italy sandwich. The sandwich wasn't nearly as good as I had remembered it. I'm not a cheese lover, but I can make due with most Italian cheeses, but this sandwich was like all cheese and no meat. It was all gooey and gross. I think that if I ordered it sans cheese it would be OK, but I'm thinking its bread/stuff in the middle ratio would still be WAY too high.

Not enough in the middle.
My salad wasn't much better. I largely ordered the Classic instead of the house because I wanted the Parmesan cheese on it. It came out with no cheese on it. The artichokes weren't marinated, the olives were OK, but the only thing I really enjoyed on it were the tomatoes (and not the fancy marinated tomatoes that apparently cost me an extra $2, either).

Not worth the extra $2.
On the bright side, my small salad was enormous.

On the less bright side, my wife's full sized spinach salad was the same size. It also came smothered in onions, which I had specifically requested it to come without. She did like the walnuts on it (candied just enough to be crunchy but not overly sweet), but that's a pretty hollow victory.

In sum, we were very disappointed by the stuff that didn't come the way we ordered it as well as by the stuff that did come the way we ordered it, although to be fair I think that even if we ordered the thing that came the right way the way we actually wanted it it still wouldn't have been very good.

There are those that say "don't order salads at a sandwich shop" and also those that will say "don't go to the version of the restaurant out in the suburbs," but to those people I say "If they can't make something good don't put it on the menu -- excepting of course chicken fingers which should suck -- and if they can't make a location not suck don't open it."

In any event, I think we're gonna have to re-rate the Sandwich Scale.


  1. I am up for some re-working. However, i don't think the Winghaven location should be compared with the original Hill location.

    What we may want to do is get a sandwich from both places and compare.

    Also we need to get you some Gioia's for their hot salami (get your mind out of the gutter).

  2. The location argument is a red herring. The atmosphere could be totally different, but the food should be the same (or they shouldn't have opened it).

    I'm down for some hot salami (get your mind out of the gutter).

  3. FWIW, I sent this link to Amighetti's and never heard jack back.