Friday, March 2, 2012

What is up with the blog this year?

2011 was a monumental year for our little blog. By monumental, I mean it was the first full year we were in existence and dare I say "business". I think we published over 100 articles and we were the envy of all of our friends (we always were but had to validate it somehow).
So as I write this blurb without the approval of my partner in crime. I get to thinking, where is this blog taking us/me? I think when we set out to do this we had some visions of grandeur that we would own our own Segways and would have already have our kid's college paid for. Not so much as it turns out. I am still working at my normal job, trying to find some time during the day to get some words down on virtual paper. Unfortunately, that is about the only time my day allows to do this kind of stuff. I can't tell you what Jamie's schedule is, but he has one more kid than I do so I am sure his writing time is even more cramped than well as his checkbook. ZING!
I was told there would be Segways.
What's great about this post I'm doing now is that I know Jamie is probably thinking the same thing. We are always on the same page and you can't fake this kind of Bloggerhoodery. He's also probably thinking "Man I am carrying this dude." Which he is and has been doing for some time. Well, we will need to sit down and have a State of the Blog Address and start looking at some kind of road-map for the future, but we'll probably have some beers and end up talking gibberish to each other. But before that happens, we also want to hear from you. Yes you the person reading this. I don't care if you aren't a Dad or don't have kids, you have an opinion that we care about. What stuff do you like? what stuff is crap? Can you tell that this sentence is kind of just filler until something better pops into my head? So, WTF do we do now? How do we monetize this sucker (other than having you click all the banner ads on the page cough... cough...)? and how do I get a Segway dammit?

Anyway, tweet us or leave a comment somewhere, but tell us your thoughts. But seriously... Segways.

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