Tuesday, March 6, 2012

STL Ski Trip

Every year some old friends of my wife (and more recent friends of mine) organize a ski trip that always starts in St. Louis and usually ends up in someplace like Wisconsin. The trip (branded as "a beer trip with skiing included") never fails at being a good time. The basic schedule usually goes something like this:
  1. Meet at noon at a local car drop off point. Board bus.
  2. Drink beer for 5 hours nonstop. 
  3. Visit rest stop, which you only need if you smoke because you've been peeing every twenty minutes on the back of the bus.
  4. Drink on bus for three more hours.
  5. Arrive at resort, eat twice your weight in pizza, drink hot tub while sitting in beer.
  6. Heave snorily.
  7. Wake up early, go skiing, knock back a few at lunch, leave slopes early, drink until dinner.
  8. Eat dinner, race back to resort rooms and commence formal drinking games.
  9. Wake up the next morning and "prepare to leave" (an Algonquin word for packing super fast then drinking Bloody Mary's while watching people who actually care to ski).
  10. Drive back on the bus, be surprised how drunk you get on the ride back, be thankful your wife chose to just watch the movie and not be like [waves at all of you] you, then sweet-talk her into White Castle on the drive to your house.
Do I enjoy skiing? Sort of, but I generally only ski enough to justify going on the trip (riding to Wisconsin for the skiing would be a little like riding to Wisconsin for the wine). I mostly go on this trip because A) kids aren't allowed, and B) the trip provides the perfect mix of "romantic get away for two" with "party like a freshman blowing his student loans on spring break."

Details aren't available for next year, but if you are interested in going (and if you suck or are in any way a party pooper, please don't be interested) feel free to "Like" the very much in-progress Facebook page.

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